Tools to Carve

Caving the pumpkins can look difficult but with the right tools it is quite simple and anyone can do it. Here are the tools I use to carve my pumpkins.

Saral Transfer Paper

The Saral Transfer Paper is a must. I can’t stand poking little holes. Just glue this to your pattern and duct tape it to your pumpkin and there you have it. No poking holes all over the pumpkin trying to figure out where the pattern goes. You can buy it on the following links:
Saral Transfer (Tracing) Paper 12 in. x 12 ft. roll white for reverse work on dark background

Speedball Linoleum Cutter

The Speedball Cutter is used to cut out the  intricate lines that you left after the pattern has been traced. This is a must if you plan on shading your pumpkin.

Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment 1

Kemper Ribbon Sculpting Tools

The Kemper Ribbon tools are used to scrape off the skin of the pumpkin and the shading. They allow great detail to your pumpkin and are a must if you plan on doing a shaded pumpkin. You can buy it on the following links:
Kemper Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set -6 Pieces

Time to Start Carving Awesome Pumpkins